Creative Space Saving Closet For Smart Room Management

room management and organization always become an important issue in creating a home interior design. a great home interior design of course has great room management and organization. it is very important to manage all of our room stuff like furniture unit, lighting design, and many other else. one of the important stuff in our home is closet that very useful to place our huge stuff. however, sometime the existence of storage unit can consume huge space. there is a smart solution for it; we can apply creative space saving idea.

look at picture number one of a nice space saving closet idea. the smart shelving idea as the storage unit is made of solid wood material and attached on the white painted wall. the space saving closet has some shelves, cloth hangers, and shoe racks. it can be used to place our clothes, shoes, and bags. moreover, it will not consume huge space in our room.

List of Creative Space Saving Closet For Smart Room Management

if we look at the next picture, we can see a very creative application of space saving closet idea. it located just under the stairs and attached on the nice purple wall tone. the simple space saving closet has several shelves, cloth hangers, and completed with a comfortable purple seats. just under the seats, there are four rustic rattan playpens. just beside the closet idea, we can see a white desk with an amazing stand lamp that covered with purple drum lampshade.

1. Cool Layering Wooden Closet Featuring Cloth Hanging Rack Also Small Shelves And Drawers

cool layering wooden closet featuring cloth hanging rack also small shelves and drawers

2. Deluxe Minimalist Closet For Luminous Cloth Hanging Racks With Brown Glass Sliding Door

deluxe minimalist closet for luminous cloth hanging racks with brown glass sliding door

3. Luxurious Beige Closet With Luminous Ceiling Fixture Featuring Floating Shelves And Cloth Hanging Racks Also Bench

luxurious beige closet with luminous ceiling fixture featuring floating shelves and cloth hanging racks also bench

4. Minimalist Industrial Closet Carrying Shelves Also Shoe Racks And Parallel Cloth Hanging Rack Between

minimalist industrial closet carrying shelves also shoe racks and parallel cloth hanging rack between

5. Minimalist Space Saving Sunken Closet Combining Cloth Racks And Shelves Also Drawers

minimalist space saving sunken closet combining cloth racks and shelves also drawers

6. Modern Minimalist Wooden Hanging Closet Featuring Cloth Hanging Racks Also Shelves And Shoe Racks

modern minimalist wooden hanging closet featuring cloth hanging racks also shelves and shoe racks

7. Modern White Nook Closet Combining Three Section Shelves Also Cloth Hanging Racks

modern white nook closet combining three section shelves also cloth hanging racks

8. Small Closet Featuring Wooden Ceiling To Floor Storage Shelves Also Centerpiece Counter Table

small closet featuring wooden ceiling to floor storage shelves also centerpiece counter table

9. Small Wooden Closet Cabinet With Double Door Featuring Shelves Carrying Folded Sheets And Pillows

small wooden closet cabinet with double door featuring shelves carrying folded sheets and pillows

10. Space Saving Closet Under Stairs Featuring Cloth Hooks Also Benches For Lavender Modern Mudroom

space saving closet under stairs featuring cloth hooks also benches for lavender modern mudroom

11. White Modern Nook Closet Featuring Shelves And Shoe Rack Also Cloth Rack Plus Laundry Machines

white modern nook closet featuring shelves and shoe rack also cloth rack plus laundry machines

12. White Space Saving Closet Beside Free Standing Lamp And Floral Ornament Carpet Also White Vanity Table

white space saving closet beside free standing lamp and floral ornament carpet also white vanity table

13. White Sunken Closet For Blue Bedroom Featuring Folding Door With Toy Shelves Over Doorway

white sunken closet for blue bedroom featuring folding door with toy shelves over doorway

14. Wood Frame Loft Bed With Closet Underneath Featuring Also Bookshelves And Shoe Racks

wood frame loft bed with closet underneath featuring also bookshelves and shoe racks

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