Cool Home Design With Astonishing Sliding Door Design

door for our home is varying. one of them, we know about sliding door design. nowadays, we will share about it because we found many styles. indeed, there are many sliding doors which are proper in your home design. barn sliding door designed from wood with holes pattern. attractive glass sliding door mixed with navy blue wall color. from the outside, people will see the interior decoration through this door. inside is decorated with open home plan of living area and open kitchen. alongside that, the door is completed with white drapery curtain sliding door.

fancy bedroom sliding door has blue and white color. the room decorated with modern platform bed and lacquer wooden nightstand. sleek white sliding door aimed for sectional closet ideas. it is feats with racks for folded and hanged clothes. in this closet room, we give light brown laminate floor and black wall paint ideas. aside of the closet furniture beautified with abstract framed painting. patio sliding door garnished with smooth brown drapery curtains. the curtain is similar with the window curtain and it mixed with green wall style. green wall color here adorned with black frame wall picture. decorated area rug combined with laminate wood floor and diy coffee table.

List of Cool Home Design With Astonishing Sliding Door Design

then, we add brown sofa. exotic frosted sliding door is for bathroom. large brass handle inserted on the durable dark tone teak wood doorframe. fresh white framed sliding door is feats with grey log wall and floor. exactly, it is for front door and then it mixed with clear glass window. stylish brown sliding door is to separate the living room and another. minimalist living room is exactly in front of the door with dark grey braided area rug. then, it decorated with modern simple coffee table, zebra pattern armless chairs and chic table centerpiece. in conclusion, sliding door design is various and interesting.

1. Amazing Black Frosted Glass Bathroom Sliding Door Mixed With White Interior Also Wall Paint

amazing black frosted glass bathroom sliding door mixed with white interior also wall paint

2. Artistic Art Painting Decor Mixed With White Sliding Door Also Beige Ceramic Floor Tile Design

artistic art painting decor mixed with white sliding door also beige ceramic floor tile design

3. Awesome Wood Wall House Design Combined With White Glass Sliding Door Also Wooden Floor Idea

awesome wood wall house design combined with white glass sliding door also wooden floor idea

4. Big White Sliding Door With Stainless Steel Framed Design Plus Laminate Floor Idea

big white sliding door with stainless steel framed design plus laminate floor idea

5. Comfy White Bed Also Sliding Door Design Mixed With Laminate Floor Idea

comfy white bed also sliding door design mixed with laminate floor idea

6. Cool Track Lighting Also Wooden Furniture Mixed With Sliding Door Design And Wooden Flooring

cool track lighting also wooden furniture mixed with sliding door design and wooden flooring

7. Exotic Dark Chairs Also Rug Mixed With White Table Plus Wooden Sliding Door Design

exotic dark chairs also rug mixed with white table plus wooden sliding door design

8. Extraordinary Lighting Mixed With Brown Bedroom Furniture Plus Glass Sliding Door Design

extraordinary lighting mixed with brown bedroom furniture plus glass sliding door design

9. Fancy Blue White Bedroom Interior Decor Plus Sliding Door Also Brown Area Rug Design

fancy blue white bedroom interior decor plus sliding door also brown area rug design

10. Futuristic Modular Metal Pendant Lamp Mixed With Blue White Sliding Door Also Beige Fur Rug

futuristic modular metal pendant lamp mixed with blue white sliding door also beige fur rug

11. Gorgeous Black And White Kitchen Dining Room Interior Paired With Glass Sliding Door Design

gorgeous black and white kitchen dining room interior paired with glass sliding door design

12. Minimalist Black And White Seat Mixed With Brown Rug Also Closet Sliding Door Design

minimalist black and white seat mixed with brown rug also closet sliding door design

13. Modern Patio Sliding Door Mixed With Brown Led Light Also Seating Area On Laminate Floor

modern patio sliding door mixed with brown led light also seating area on laminate floor

14. Remarkable Glass Sliding Door With Spiral Accent Plus Black Background Design

remarkable glass sliding door with spiral accent plus black background design

15. Smooth Brown Plaid Rug Pattern Combined With Emerald Wall Colour Also Sliding Door Design

smooth brown plaid rug pattern combined with emerald wall colour also sliding door design

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