Fantastic Bathroom Ideas Designed By Ikea

need a cool bathroom idea? ikea as one of the largest furniture company has been making many fantastic interior idea. bathroom design from ikea offer distinctive and unique style. this article will discuss about those designs. through the following pictures, you can pick the design you love.

this bathroom from ikea in the picture shows great decoration. the design itself comes from scandinavian home interior style. the interesting decoration comes from the wall treatment. the wall applies some brick materials painted with solid white tone. the wall decoration creates awesome urban style to the room decoration. on the wall, there are decorating items that beautify the room. the floating sink vanity has full metal material to create industrial image for the bathroom. above the floating vanity, some wall shelves are attached to store bathing stuff. in the corner, you will find a big shower room that will guarantee you perfect bathing experience. in the other side, a bathtub with black finishing is spotted. the bathtub offers glamorous look as the decorating item.

List of Fantastic Bathroom Ideas Designed By Ikea

let’s check out another brilliant bathroom style brought to you by ikea. this image shows a great design for a small bathroom. the bathroom dominated with solid white tone that creates clean image. the white tone also picked to make the room looks bigger together with the big mirror on the wall. the sink vanity has minimalist design and functional drawers. on its countertop, a small pot with flower decoration that makes the bathroom looks lovely. this ikea design for bathroom is cheap and easy to apply.

1. Attractive Ikea Bathroom Decorating Idea Combined With Red White Interiors Also Pendant Lamp Idea

attractive ikea bathroom decorating idea combined with red white interiors also pendant lamp idea

2. Awesome Grey Wall Tile Combined With Ikea Bathroom Vanity Also Brown Ceramic Floor Tile

awesome grey wall tile combined with ikea bathroom vanity also brown ceramic floor tile

3. Big White Standing Lamp Mixed With Black Ikea Bathroom Also Blue Hidden Lamps Decor

big white standing lamp mixed with black ikea bathroom also blue hidden lamps decor

4. Calming Brown Bathroom With Black Ikea Bathroom Vanity Plus White Basin Idea

calming brown bathroom with black ikea bathroom vanity plus white basin idea

5. Captivating Coins Cream Rug Pattern Mixed With Pink Ikea Bathroom Vanity Also White Brick Wall Design

captivating coins cream rug pattern mixed with pink ikea bathroom vanity also white brick wall design

6. Cleanly White Ikea Bathroom With Metal Rack Also Wall Art Painting Decor

cleanly white ikea bathroom with metal rack also wall art painting decor

7. Comely White Ikea Bathroom Paired With Beige Ceramic Floor Plus Wall Art Painting Decor

comely white ikea bathroom paired with beige ceramic floor plus wall art painting decor

8. Cool Chocolate Wall Room Divider Mixed With Small Ikea Bathroom Plus Wooden Bench

cool chocolate wall room divider mixed with small ikea bathroom plus wooden bench

9. Creative Wood Seat Also Ikea Bathroom Vanity Paired With Black Wall Tile Design

creative wood seat also ikea bathroom vanity paired with black wall tile design

10. Fascinating White Square Wall Texture Design Also Beam Lamps Mixed With Black Ikea Bathroom Vanity Idea

fascinating white square wall texture design also beam lamps mixed with black ikea bathroom vanity idea

11. Gorgeous Round Black Rug Mixed With White Ikea Bathroom Vanity Plus Window Shutter Design

gorgeous round black rug mixed with white ikea bathroom vanity plus window shutter design

12. Large Brown Ikea Bathroom Tile With Wooden Vanity Also Glass Shower Door Design

large brown ikea bathroom tile with wooden vanity also glass shower door design

13. Pleasing White Lighting Also Brown Mosaic Tile Decorating Idea Plus Ikea Bathroom Interior Design

pleasing white lighting also brown mosaic tile decorating idea plus ikea bathroom interior design

14. Simple Checkered Floor Mixed With Brown Armchair Also Black And White Ikea Bathroom Design

simple checkered floor mixed with brown armchair also black and white ikea bathroom design

15. Simple White Curtain Also Ikea Bathroom Vanity Plus Stainless Steel Faucet Idea

simple white curtain also ikea bathroom vanity plus stainless steel faucet idea

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